Together SAFE Initiative (TSI) is a social and digital initiative that aims to inspire a mindset and behavioral shift among youth to tackle all kinds of extremism and radicalism.

TSI tackels the issue of diversity and heterogeneity within the community, whether based on religious, ethnic, or social grounds. This  diversity might lead to a particular feeling of anxiety and fear of others, especially with the spread of extremist ideologies and the development of radicalization within societies nowadays. People accordingly get pulled into radical and extremist behavior through well-considered manipulation, often facilitated by the “Fear” factor as an emotional response to dissimilarity.

To defeat this extremist behavior, we need to stop fearing others and learn how to enjoy social interaction. Understanding how fear influences the way people feel, think, and act and learning how to appropriately deal with these emotional responses can be considered as an important starting point to developing counter-extremism and fear-management approaches driven by rational considerations rather than rampant emotions and mental barriers. This implies addressing negative thoughts about “others”, overpowering them, and replacing them with more rational and progressive ideas.

Supporting this, the “Together S.A.F.EInitiative is devoted to promoting social tolerance and presenting an alternative to the fear and extremism that people may face in their communities. The “Stand Against Fear & Extremism” (S.A.F.E.) message is a counter-extremist narrative that challenges fear and fear-related responses as an antecedent to extremism, and highlights the importance of peaceful co-existence, social cohesion, and inclusion for future stability and sustainable peace and safety.



Together SAFE Initiative with all its programs has greatly impacted my attitude and behavior and has deeply changed my way of thinking as well as my perception towards others. I have learnt from this initiative that the culture of cohesion, peaceful coexistence and tolerance is the source of human strength and the path towards safety and social security.

#TogetherSAFE Team Leader



Together SAFE has changed my life and shaped my personality. Two years of hard work, commitment and excitement to demonstrate to the whole world how beautiful is to be different and how great is to be together.