Our Capacity Building Programs

#TogetherSAFE: #BridgeTheGap Program 

At the heart of the #BridgeTheGap Program is a belief that better governance of the diversity within the communities would lead to a safer society, with people better protected against violent extremism and radicalization. Indeed, Bridge The Gap Program aims to explore the dynamic of fear of “others” in response to cultural, ethnic, religious, social, economic or sectarian dissimilarity, and as an antecedent to extremism, emphasizing the importance of integrating initiatives to manage this fear and reduce its negative consequences into overarching counter Fear and Extremism strategy.

Our programis conducted to #BridgeTheGap between different people in order to ensure a peaceful co-existence, resilience and social cohesion within the community. This initiative aims is to educate and impact the mainstream society and guide them to get a vivid and unprejudiced image about each other and therefore build a more cohesive, united and inclusive society for the coming generations.

Bridge the Gap Programencompass both digital and in-person activities and events that stimulate mental and behavioral shift among youth to counter extremism and radicalism.

#BridgeTheGap Program Team Leader
#BridgeTheGap Program Team Leader












#LaichLa (#WhyNot) is a social program that enables young unemployed people to express more self-confidence and stimulate behavioral and mental changes with regards to employment. Whether you’re embarking on a first job, or growing a new business, or seeking social change, all youths deserve the opportunity to realize their full potential. As such, #LaichLacampaign is social program that encourages unemployed youths to expand their career scope and accept different types of jobs regardless of their importance and the stereotyped social perception associated with them.

#LaichLa initiative is rooted in the belief that a youth is an innovator, a problem-solver, a change-makers, and a leader. Therefore, this initiative aims to stimulate change, promote entrepreneurship and create a new breed of youth who aspire to have a positive and lasting impact on their society.

#LaichLa program aims to:

  • Promote youth-oriented empowerment activities that support the creation of decent jobs, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.
  • Empower unemployed educated youth to reach economic improvement and social mobility.
  • Encourage career development for youth.
  • Raise awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship.
  • Disseminate the entrepreneurial culture among youth by developing their entrepreneurial skills and providing them with experiential learning opportunities.
  • Educate, coach and encourage young entrepreneurs to pursue business opportunities and succeed in transforming them into viable start-ups.
  • Empower youth and support them to creatively pursue new innovative career opportunities.
  • Drive innovation and reflect change in youth behavior, attitude and mindset.
#LaichLa program
#LaichLa Program Team Leaders

#LoveYourself program is a youth program

Love Yourself is a self-awareness campaign which aims at promoting self-confidence among youth. The program is designed to empower youth to gain a sense of self-acceptance and self-efficacy as contributors to self-confidence.

Whether low self-confidence is inherent, or caused by a bullying behavior, a lack of skills and/or abilities, this characteristics can be self-destructive, and often appear in a negative, anxious and depressed form. Young people who are generally self-confident are more positive, open and balanced because they accept and believe in themselves and their abilities. They also believe in living their life to the full. Embedded in the belief of youth as change-makers, LoveYourSelf program(LYS) focuses mainly in helping youths succeed in their lives by supporting them to gaining the required skills, knowledge, and abilities so as to realize their full potential and lead a balanced way of life.

#Love Yourself program aims to:

  • Empower and support youth in order to build self-confidence.
  • Strengthen the capacities and abilities of youths to attain success.
  • Support young people to build competence skills to achieve their goals.
  • Provide youth with the tools needed to build positive thinking and overcome social anxiety and depression.
  • Promote actions and activities that help youth build self-confidence and self-acceptance.
Love your self
#LoveYourSelf program Team Leaders

#AllAboutHerprogram aims at empowering women and assisting them to enhance their self-confidence by helping them improve their skills through a variety of capacity-building training programs that are consistent with the National and international Strategy for the Advancement of Women.

#AllAboutHer aims to:

  • Encourage career development for Women
  • Develop skills to meet the labor market requirements
  • Boost digital and technological literacy
  • Promote women’s entrepreneurship by boosting entrepreneurial mindset and behavior.
  • Promote the involvement of women to enhance their participation in both the public and private sectors.
  • Strengthen women’s capacities to enable them to hold leadership positions and provide them with new job opportunities.
  • Promote actions and activities that guarantee equality for women. 
#AllAboutHer Program
#AllAboutHer program Team Leaders