Who We Are

Who we are:

 Together SAFE initiative (TSI) is a social Initiative that aspires to create a culture of togetherness within the society and to stimulate positive social change by promoting peaceful, cohesive and inclusive societies for sustainable development. This initiative’s main purpose is to pave the way for cohesive societies where people from different ethnic groups, origins, gender and religious belonging can live together in a very peaceful and harmonious way. The initiative aims to educate and impact the mainstream society and guide them to get a vivid and unprejudiced image about each other. TSI contributes to build a more cohesive, united and inclusive community for the coming generations.

In the light of the above, “Together S.A.F.E” initiative is devoted to achieve the following goals:

  • Address cultural, ethnic, religious, and sectarian discrimination and reinforce unity, resilience and social co-existence.
  • Defeat extremism and build a more cohesive, united and inclusive society for every generation to come.
  • Actively support, educate and empower at-risk and vulnerable youth by involving and engaging them into a series of actions that counter violent-extremism.
  • Inspire a mindset and behavioral shift among youth to reinforce social cohesion and achieve sustainable peace.
  • Build a foundation to a lasting peace by ensuring a gender equity.
  • Drive innovation and navigate change in youth behavior, attitude and mindset.


#Together SAFE Initiative(TSI) mission’s is to bring people together to attain sustainable peace by underpinning social coexistence and valuing cultural, ethnic, religious and social diversity.


To become a leader in spreading peace and building long lasting peaceful coexistence for today’s and future generations.

#TogetherSAFE Initiative (TSI)